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#225-7 | Flexitions 3mm LVT T-Molding 84"

#225-7 | Flexitions 3mm LVT T-Molding 84"

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Item #225-7 Flexitions Stainable Flexible T-Molding For LVT

3mm x 7/8" x 84"

About this item

  • MADE IN THE USA!! Flexible polyurethane resin - Stainable and Paintable
  • Will bend/flex to fit a minimum radius of 2 Feet. For tighter or sharper curves you will need to order our Custom Molding Service.
  • For interior and exterior use - will not warp, rot or crack when exposed to high moisture
  • Let material warm up prior to installation (warmer material = more flexible material)
  • Colors 22-27 only available on Oak Grains

Available in Unfinished, Pre-stained, or Custom Color Match 

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Instructions for Custom Color Match Service.

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