• Staining / Finishing Flexible Moldings

    Step 1 : Lightly sand the molding surface with 150 grit sandpaper to enhance stain absorption.

    Step 2 : Apply water or solvent-based wood wiping stain using a staining cloth or rag, ensuring even coverage. Test the stain on a scrap piece or the back of the molding to confirm compatibility and desired color. Some stains may require multiple coats.

    Step 3 : After applying the stain, wipe off any excess with a clean cloth to achieve the desired finish. Apply additional coats if needed for desired darkness. Allow the stain to dry for at least 24 hours, or longer if necessary, as drying times may vary by brand.

    Step 4 : Once the stain is completely dry, apply a polyurethane clear coat to the molding using a brush or spray. Let the clear coat dry for a minimum of 24 hours before allowing foot traffic on the molding.

  • Installing Flexible Moldings

    Step 1 : Ensure the molding is completely dry before installation. It should not be wet or tacky.

    Step 2 : Flex the molding into the desired position to accommodate curvature.

    Step 3 : Install flexible molding using premium urethane construction adhesive. Apply pressure to ensure full contact with the adhesive.

    Step 4 (If needed) : Use blue painters tape to secure it to the floor, BUT Avoid direct contact with the molding surface.

    • Place a cloth between the tape and molding until the adhesive is completely dry and set.

Important Notes


  • Flexitions is a temperature sensitive product. It may become stiff and rigid in a cold climate. If this occurs, simply place molding in direct sunlight OR warm product with a common household hair dryer to regain flexibility.

  • Do not use Oil Base products or any other Oil stains or Top Coats of any kind on Flexitions. Do not use Gel Stains on Flexitions. Recommended stains – Water Base Stains- Solvent Base Stains Lacquer Base Stains.

  • If your unhappy with your staining results and or used the wrong stain, Acetone may be utilized to remove the stain you’ve applied. Simply apply Acetone to a cloth or rag and proceed to wipe the stain off.