How To Order Stair Nose Products

Please review the images and instructions below to help you find the right product for your project.

  • Step 1: Determine The Style You Need

    Standard Order

    • Large radius, no crazy bends or curve.
    • Straight - No curves at all
    • Nosing is on the outside of the bend

    Inside Bend

    • Nosing is on the inside of the curve.

    Custom Order (Template Needed)

    • Small Radius, sharp curves.
    • S Curves
    • If your project resembles any of the shapes from d - h
  • How to measure stairs for a custom stair nose

    Step 2a: Measure Steps For Custom Mold

    If you have determined that you will need a Custom Mold for your project:

    • Measure the width of the stair step
    • Measure depth of the stair step
    • Use image above as reference
  • Step 2b: Choose Your Stair Nose Profile

    We offer a variety of stair nose profiles:

  • Step 3: Choose Grain Style

    Choose between oak and maple wood grains.

  • Step 4: Choose A Finish


    • Select this option is you plan on staining the molding yourself.

    28 Stock Colors

    • Select this option if any of our stock colors will fit your project.
    • Receive your molding (s) pre stained and just focus on installation

    Custom Color Match

    • Select this option if you would want the molding to match your flooring material
    • Send us a sample of your flooring material and our expert will hand stain the molding to match that material

  • Step 5: Upload Pictures Of Your Project

    Upload pictures and / or drawings using provided file uploader

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