Top Mount Stair Nose Saves the Day!

Top Mount Stair Nose Saves the Day!

Did you install the flooring all the way to the end of the edge of the top step like this?

And you couldn’t find a stair nose that would bend enough, at your local Home Depot or Lowe’s?

Well we have the product for you! 

You don't have to cut back the product you already installed to fit our Overlap Stair Nose Product.

And you don’t have to be an expert at using a jigsaw or dremel to install our Flush Mount product.

This is our Top Mount Stair Nose product (#128). It glues directly to the top of your LVT or hardwood installation. Because it is attached to the top of your product we have made the bullnose a little deeper to make sure to cover the subfloor below. 

If you are installing on a floating floor, just glue the Stair Nose to the top of the LVT and leave the inside riser section of the bullnose unglued to allow for expansion and contraction. 

If you are installing onto any other product, go ahead glue to the riser and the tread portion of the step. It's that simple!!! No need to cut back your already installed floor. Your project is as good as finished as soon as you receive our package…

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