Distributor Pricing on Quarter Round

Distributor Pricing on Quarter Round for the Entire Project...

Are you buying Flexible Quarter Round for those curved areas around the fireplace or staircase?

And also buying the Wood Quarter Round for the rest of the project!.

We want you to buy it all from us! And we are offering a DISTRIBUTOR DISCOUNT to do so!!!

It wont be the same cost as inexpensive wood Quarter Round but it has the some additional benefits that we think will offset the cost difference:

1. The product is impervious to moisture! Will never swell, rot, or crack no matter where its installed.

2. The material is precision molded so the joints match up perfectly unlike our wood competitors products.

3. When shipped it does not come broken, splintered or misshapen! (actually it comes misshapen because its FLEXIBLE). 

4. The product lasts forever... Enough Said!!!

So if you are ordering for your entire project please feel free to take advantage of the following discounts we usually reserve for Distributors!!

25+ Pieces (7 Foot and 14 Foot Lengths)

25% Discount- Enter Code: QTR25

50+ Pieces (7 Foot and 14 Foot Lengths)

35% Discount- Enter Code: QTR35

100+ Pieces (7 Foot and 14 Foot Lengths)  

 45% Discount- Enter Code: QTR45


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