Flexitions enters Gun Industry

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Flexitions has launched a new division outside of the floor covering industry, which will manufacturer products for the gun industry. The new division of Flexitions is called, GX2 Defense. Flexitions has taken its technology used to manufacturer stainable flexible and rigid transition molding and has developed a new proprietary product line of flexible polymeric self-healing or self-curing shooting targets which would allow shooters to utilize the same target thousands of rounds with multiple calibers. Their proprietary technology and material is formulated so that when a bullet enters into the target and then exits the target; the target itself immediately begins to mend its own wound from the bullets exit. This technology prevents the target from breaking down or breaking apart, giving it a very impressive durability factor and lifespan. GX2 Defense manufacturers several fully functional targets using this technology and material in multiple sizes, shapes, colors and torsos. The GX2 Defense target offering includes, torso silhouette targets with built in 3d target rings, torso silhouette targets with fully reactive clay pigeon inserts and torso silhouette targets with built in fully reactive AR500 steel spinners and flippers. All GX2 Defense targets are patent pending.

GX2 Defense also manufacturers a complete line of training guns using a rigid formulation of their proprietary polymeric material. The GX2 training guns are incredibly durable and are used by the military, law enforcement agencies, and firearms training centers for safe mock training and drills. The GX2 training guns are also used by professional and hobbyist kydex holster manufacturers.

GX2 Defense operates as a division of Flexitions, which is the exclusive manufacturer of the multi-award winning brand and product line of stainable flexible transition molding. Flexitions revolutionized flooring installations and design capabilities within flooring applications when dealing with a curve, arch or radius within flooring installations. Flexitions is widely used within a multitude of flooring installations and applications that involve wood flooring, laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, tile, stone, carpet and more.

“We’re incredibly excited about our new division and the opportunity to expand the use and innovation of our proprietary technology. It’s a natural fit for us being avid gun hobbyists and gun sportsman. “ – Gary, Sr., Gary, Jr.

Learn more about GX2 Defense at GX2 Defense

Here are some product images from GX2 Defense:

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