ALERT: Copycats on the prowl

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Hello everyone,

We wanted to inform our loyal customer base and loyal supporters of Flexitions that there are companies claiming to have a product line like Flexitions. Be aware and don’t be fooled by imitators. It’s a real shame that people can no longer create and innovate….Instead they steal ideas from others and attempt to copy them while passing them off as the same in hopes to actually compete or steal business altogether from the true inventors and innovators. These companies have come up with a very poor knock off version of Flexitions that lacks everything that Flexitions is and stands for. These other ‘wannabe’ products are made very poorly and lack quality of any kind. Actually, they’re an insult to the product category Flexitions created over 10 years ago. These products will not hold up as they offer zero durability, they will not stain well or consistent and they will not provide the flexibility and stability that you need. Rest assured, we’re taking all necessary legal action to ensure these products live a very limited life span and we will do whatever it takes to protect our invention and intellectual property. And remember….You get what you pay for. If someone is offering you a product that they claim is just like Flexitions for 1/2 the price, this means you’re actually getting 1/2 the product.

Here’s an example……

Don’t you just want to laugh? Ridiculous….we know……

If you come in contact with a copycat and would like to inform us, please email me at: 

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